Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tummy troubles

Nothing makes me sadder than having a stomach flu or having a severe cold and not being able to taste food.   I am currently suffering from a bug that has reduced me to eating soup, crackers and drinking giner ale for the past several days.  I normally prepare pretty delicious meals on weekends and I enjoy the whole experience of cooking.  From deciding on the menu, the aromas leading up to meal and then the food itself.   The highlight of this weekend was adding some extras to my oatmeal.  Yes, I know it is sad.   So here is a picture of the craisins, my favorite granola and some almonds that kept the oatmeal company.   I must admit that I did wash it down with Hawaiian toasted coconut coffee. 


I am thinking positively that I will be back to feeling  normal this week and will be able to attack my weekend meal planning with gusto.   I hope you all are healthy and can enjoy something delicious for me.  I shall be doing that in my dreams....

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