Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cream and sugar

I must admit that I spent most of my life as a tea drinker.  My parents fell in love with French Market Coffee when we lived in New Orleans and have been drinking it ever since.   The flavor was too bold for me, so I refrained from drinking their coffee and turned to tea.  Then I was wooed by Starbucks.  The shots of different flavors topped with whip had me hooked.  I received a coffee maker as a shower gift and for years it was only used when guests came over.  I finally started making my own and was thrilled at the array of flavored coffees and creamers.  Traveling lead me to one of my favorite coffees. 
Box waiting for me to get home
Toasted Coconut is delicious and Lion Coffee offers several flavored coffees as well as non flavored.  I would love to jet off to Hawaii whenever I need to replenish my supply, but ordering online is the next best thing. I was so happy to come home to the box pictured above.  Now if they would only make some for my Tassimo.

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