Friday, December 30, 2011

Hello 2012, nice to see you

How can it be that 2011 is almost over?   The hubs & I are spending NYE w/my sisters family and  her wonderful neighbors.  They normally have a progressive party, but this year it is at one house.  It is an indoor/outdoor BYOB bash.  Bubbly is chilling and I will bring an easy appetizer (taco dip w/blue corn chips).  The most difficult thing to decide is what to wear.  My dressy outfit is no longer a choice.  I think I will rock my sequined top, skinny jeans, a dressy cardi, boots and of course, my Kate Spade ring. 
Lady Marmalade Ring
 I will toast y'all as I ring in the new year.  Who would have thought that my anonymous blog would be read by so many.  Thanks for reading what I have to say.  Y'all are the best.  Cheers to a very healthy & happy 2012.     

Photo from hdwallpaper & kate spade

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Post Christmas hype

This past weekend was simply wonderful.  We spent it with my family, as usual. The hubs will be going home to Colorado in January and does not seem to care as much about where he is on Christmas.    Friday night  I watched my brother play hockey, he skated when we were kids but this is his 1st time playing the game.    Saturday was the Feast of Seven Fishes and mass.   I made shrimp & pesto and the hubs grilled some mahi mahi that he caught.  Mom even let me fry the oysters and dinner was fabulous, as always.  I'm so lucky that my Mom is such an amazing cook!

I got exactly what I wanted for Christmas and everyone seemed to like their presents too.   I'm looking forward to wearing my new polka dot sweater on Thursday or Friday.  Boss is off so that means I can rock some jeans.  Now, to style my casual outfits.....

I think this may be perfect for Thursday....   Lunch break is over, back to work for me!   Hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas too.   

Photos from Polyvore

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Cheers to all the blogs I follow and those of y'all that follow mine.  Have a very blessed Christmas and enjoy being with those you love.     

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oh baby!

My wonderful hubs thought he was being helpful when moved around some items in our pantry when putting the groceries away.  I was the lucky one to have the olive oil bottle fall off the shelf and splash my Uggs.  Normally I'm barefoot, and it would have been a skin softening & floor treatment. 

Above is after my 1st at attempt at removing the oil.  The hubs offered to buy me a new pair and later told me the lines give it character.  I told my friend Lisa about what happened and she told me to put baby powder on it and even had some baby powder in her desk for me to use. 
The hubs thought I was crazy when he came home and saw the powder on it.  After a few hours, I vacuumed off the powder (and the family room).

TA DA!  Still some lines on the upper, but nothing like what it looked like after the incident.   I told the hubs that Lisa saved him $150.   I'm going to take her to lunch for her great advice.  I called my Mom to tell her about baby powder on oil and she informed me that she has been using it for years.  Oh well, I hope some of y'all learned this trick from me. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas shopping is in the bag

I am so proud of myself this year.  I only bought one thing for me while I was out shopping for Christmas presents.  Don't get me wrong, I was tempted several times.   I did get a cute sweater from Old Navy.  I asked for a polka dotted one from my Mom & since I have no clue as to if I will get it, I got this one for myself. I'm going to wrap it tonight along with all the other gifts and put it under the tree.  I think it is the perfect gift from my pups. 

I bought two belts and a buckle (hubs picked it out) at a craft fair while I was in Atlanta a few weeks ago.   That made me want to get a fun buckle for the holidays.   Below is a pic of one I ordered from MnMTreasures on Etsy.  It's very cute in person & you can't beat the price.   The jeans are Levi's bought for me by the hubs.  He saw them, held them up & thought they would fit (bonus that they are boyfriend jeans).  I love how he pays attention to what I wear. 

I hope y'all are in the Christmas spirit.  It has been a rough year for me and my family.  I'm hoping that putting on some Christmas tunes and wrapping will help me get there.  I did enjoy watching Elf on Sunday.  Have a great day!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

All snood in the hood

All snood in the hood

I have a hot pink one and think I need to add a few more to the collection.  I love how you can go from light and lacy to a chunky cable knit.  They are a great item to use for layering and are cute enough to stand alone.

Jacques Vert knitted shawl, £19
Rocha.John Rocha turquoise sunglasses, £20
TopShop cable knit scarve, £22
TopShop knit scarve, £20
Miss Selfridge acrylic scarve, £20
TopShop cream shawl, £16
Red Herring grey shades, £11
Miss Selfridge scarve, £14
Oversized scarve, £8

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Shopping attire

Shopping attire

If you see a blonde dressed like this out Christmas shopping, come on up and say hey.  I still can't believe it's December 10th.  Just hope I buy more gifts for others than I do for myself.  I just love a sale, don't y'all?

Fat Face cable sweater, £38
Alice In The Eve vest, $60
GAP skinny jeans, $70
Frye leather boots, $228
Envirosax pouch bag, $50
Nocona belt, $75
KG Kurt Geiger hat, £13
Burts Bees Lip Balm Tin Beeswax, $3.49
RAFFIT RIBBONS Winter Snowflake (Large), £50
ELLE DECOR Artificial Orchid Plant, $45

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Worth every pound

Had to go there, more than once
Beignets are beyond words
Introduced hubs to my Dads fav sandwich
A dive but some of the best friend chicken & jambalaya
Jackson Square
Mississippi River
Lafayette Cemetery
Commander's Palace - my parents fav place when we lived here
House in Garden District

Fence & tree- together forever
Oyster & champagne beignets that melted in my mouth

Gumbo & pomegranate martini @ Jackson

Char grilled oysters @ Acme
Peacemaker po boy & sweet potato fries

I've wanted to go back to New Orleans since Katrina.  Years ago the hubs & I wanted to do habitat for humanity, but it never worked out, so we sent them money instead.  This trip was for our anniversary the hubs knew how much I wanted to go there to eat and support the area. The food was amazing, I'd go back in heartbeat.  Cafe Du Monde was a must for breakfast.  The beignets are sweet and the perfect balance to the chicory coffee they serve.  I introduced muffuletta to the hubs and now he wants me to make them.  We walked around Jackson Square, and the rest of the French Quarter, stayed in the Garden District and admired the lovely homes. We ate our way across town.  I tried to take a picture of the alligator & sausage cheesecake from Jacques'Imo's, but it did not turn out.  I highly recommend ordering it if you go and wash it down with a watermelon mojito.    Sorry about the quality of the pics - all are from my phone.