Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Post Christmas hype

This past weekend was simply wonderful.  We spent it with my family, as usual. The hubs will be going home to Colorado in January and does not seem to care as much about where he is on Christmas.    Friday night  I watched my brother play hockey, he skated when we were kids but this is his 1st time playing the game.    Saturday was the Feast of Seven Fishes and mass.   I made shrimp & pesto and the hubs grilled some mahi mahi that he caught.  Mom even let me fry the oysters and dinner was fabulous, as always.  I'm so lucky that my Mom is such an amazing cook!

I got exactly what I wanted for Christmas and everyone seemed to like their presents too.   I'm looking forward to wearing my new polka dot sweater on Thursday or Friday.  Boss is off so that means I can rock some jeans.  Now, to style my casual outfits.....

I think this may be perfect for Thursday....   Lunch break is over, back to work for me!   Hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas too.   

Photos from Polyvore


  1. Dear Gigi, I am happy that your Christmas was filled with good memories.  They will keep you strong throughout your life. 
    Your outfit is adorable. Enjoy wearing it. 
    I wish you a blessed New Year. Your friend, Catherine xo

  2. A co-worker called me a fashionista when she saw me wearing it.  That made my day.  A very blessed New Year for you.  I look forward to drooling over your lovely blog in 2012.  Cheers, gigi