Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas shopping is in the bag

I am so proud of myself this year.  I only bought one thing for me while I was out shopping for Christmas presents.  Don't get me wrong, I was tempted several times.   I did get a cute sweater from Old Navy.  I asked for a polka dotted one from my Mom & since I have no clue as to if I will get it, I got this one for myself. I'm going to wrap it tonight along with all the other gifts and put it under the tree.  I think it is the perfect gift from my pups. 

I bought two belts and a buckle (hubs picked it out) at a craft fair while I was in Atlanta a few weeks ago.   That made me want to get a fun buckle for the holidays.   Below is a pic of one I ordered from MnMTreasures on Etsy.  It's very cute in person & you can't beat the price.   The jeans are Levi's bought for me by the hubs.  He saw them, held them up & thought they would fit (bonus that they are boyfriend jeans).  I love how he pays attention to what I wear. 

I hope y'all are in the Christmas spirit.  It has been a rough year for me and my family.  I'm hoping that putting on some Christmas tunes and wrapping will help me get there.  I did enjoy watching Elf on Sunday.  Have a great day!

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