Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oh baby!

My wonderful hubs thought he was being helpful when moved around some items in our pantry when putting the groceries away.  I was the lucky one to have the olive oil bottle fall off the shelf and splash my Uggs.  Normally I'm barefoot, and it would have been a skin softening & floor treatment. 

Above is after my 1st at attempt at removing the oil.  The hubs offered to buy me a new pair and later told me the lines give it character.  I told my friend Lisa about what happened and she told me to put baby powder on it and even had some baby powder in her desk for me to use. 
The hubs thought I was crazy when he came home and saw the powder on it.  After a few hours, I vacuumed off the powder (and the family room).

TA DA!  Still some lines on the upper, but nothing like what it looked like after the incident.   I told the hubs that Lisa saved him $150.   I'm going to take her to lunch for her great advice.  I called my Mom to tell her about baby powder on oil and she informed me that she has been using it for years.  Oh well, I hope some of y'all learned this trick from me. 

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