Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring and things

I love the warmth of spring, which means a change in clothes as well as food.   Coats and boots will be shed until fall and heavy comfort food will be replaced with grilling (I grill out year round) and lighter fare.   I have already begun to switch out my clothes.  I am a fan of organizer Peter Walsh and how he feels about clutter.  I am trying to follow his rule that when you buy a new item, you get rid of an old one.   I have several bags of clothes to deliver to a local mission that sells everything for just a $1.   I found a bunch of things that still have the tags on.    I am even trying to clean out our freezer as well.   My husband & I decided to try and eat what we have already purchased.  It is amazing the amount of food we waste between the two of us.   I keep on thinking about Japan and their struggles.  We are so very blessed to have too much.  So many have nothing.  I am proud of the American people once again opening their wallets and donating to the relief effort.  

Gap Japan relief tee
Gap is limiting their tees to a handful of stores, so your best bet to order it online.  I am thinking about getting one for the hubs.  He is a tee shirt kind of a guy.

I hope you are enjoying the beauty of spring.  Please keep the people of Japan in your thoughts.  

Thanks to the Gap facebook page for the photo of their wonderful tees.

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