Sunday, March 20, 2011

Grits aren't just for shrimp

My husband is still eating low carb and we have incorporated more seafood into our diet.    He bought a lovely piece of salmon and grilled it for dinner last night.   We slacked off and used dried dill instead of fresh.   I had some frozen veggies that needed to be eaten, so those were added to the menu.  (I know frozen veggies may turn off some foodies).  The garden will be planted soon, and fresh veggies will be available before we know it.  I felt the overall meal lacked something.  So.... I made some grits and added a blend of white cheddar and Gruyere cheeses.   I topped it off with fresh cracked pepper.    I apologize that the presentation is poor and the quality of the photo is not top notch.   I decided right before I took a bite to snap off a quick picture. 

I will say that the grits were a delicious accompaniment to the salmon.   Next time I try this, I will give polenta a whirl.  As I type, I am planning future meals.  Hmmm, scallops with grits, oh my.   I think I see an increase of grits in my future.

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