Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I have created this blog without telling a soul ~ except for the hubs.   I post on fb, along with everyone and their mother, but wanted a place where I could speak my mind without censoring myself.   I work in a very conservative profession.   Which became quite apparent when my husband was adding some much needed to hooks to my closet, and he commented that I wear a lot of black and gray.  I looked and he was right.  I have decided that I need to get a pair or two of non neutral heels that will add a pop of color to my suits.   Now... what color(s) shall I buy?  I do love this red little number.

Ivanka Trump Bulbli
  Photo from Piperlime

I must admit that I have been wowed by the blush tones in my quest for colored shoes and I adore too many pairs to post.    I have a feeling this spring may see a surge in my shoe spending.  I will chalk it up to doing my share in aiding the economy.

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