Monday, March 28, 2011

5 for $25

I am a sucker for this marketing.  Yes, I am referring to one of the many ways Victoria's Secret lures me and countless other shoppers into their store or website.   Who can resist five new pairs of panties for a mere $25.  I know I cannot, time and time again.   So just for fun, I am going to count how many pairs of VS panties I have.  I do go through them regularly and get rid of the older ones.   Granted, none of them are really that old.  As I was putting away the laundry I began my count.    I stopped when I got to 40, I felt there was no need to go on.   How can it be that I have so many pairs of panties?   The majorities are VS, but I  do own other brands as well.   The upside is that I could go a pretty long time without having to wash any.  

VS is having a sale - seven pairs for $25.50.  I am going to stay strong and not buy any.  Although some new undies would be much healthier and cuter in my Easter baskets.... So my belles,  have you ever counted anything in your wardrobe and been shocked?

Photos from Victoria's Secret.

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