Monday, November 5, 2012

The weekend

I keep thinking about the people that lost everything to superstorm Sandy and it breaks my heart.  I did the Race to End Women's Cancer in Washington, D.C. yesterday and I kept thinking how my toe may hurt, but I still have my home and closet full of clothes.  My sister is a cancer survivor and she did us proud.  

 Please donate if you can.  I prefer to donate to the Red Cross since .91 cents for each dollar donated is used to help the victims.   

The hubs and I went out to dinner Friday night to celebrate our anniversary.   He was so sweet and gave me a beautiful ring and asked me to marry him all over again.  I loved it but was sad to have to send it back.  My sweetie ordered my shoe size and not my ring size.  I told him he should return it and we can donate the money to Sandy relief.  He said no. 
I have sent some money to the Red Cross, but I feel the need to do more.  I am so very blessed and I need to pass on those blessings.   I have a dear friend that is in fashion in NYC, I'm sure she can hook me up with another way to give.   

photos via facebook and bluenile

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