Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Yesterday I wore the infinity scarf that was in my FNO swag bag.  It was the perfect accessory to keep the chill off and looked great with a black sweater dress, tights and booties.  I decided to look for one that was more colorful.  That lead me to etsy's and Fruit of the Spirit where I found one that was exactly what I wanted.  Love the pattern and even how she styled it with a jean jacket.

  I can not wait for the election to be over.  I do think there should be a cap on the amount of money parties and special interest groups can spend on ads and mailers.  I live in a state where it could go either way and I look forward to no more robocalls!  I hope y'all voted today.  I have a book to read while I wait in line this afternoon.   I will make sure to eat a big lunch, cause I hear the lines are crazy long.

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  1. Ooh, you look fantastic in this scarf; I LOVE the way you've styled it!! :)