Monday, May 16, 2011

Race to a diner

Saturday was the 5k charity run that I posted about back in March.   I wore my new kicks and I was ecstatic  not be the last person crossing the finish line.  I consider that a huge accomplishment since I am still not a runner.   I was grateful to have my ipod with me and have decided I need to make a dedicated play list for running.   The hubs finished ahead of me, but was cheering me on at the finish line.   He wants me to find more races for us to do and I think he is out of his mind.  After the race we went to a diner that has the most amazing french toast.  They use scratch made Challah and it is heavenly.   I was still feeling the need to carb load and the hubs ordered eggs benedict.  He is slowly introducing more carbs back to his diet and I am so happy for that.   Here is a quick pic I texted to my BIL since he has been there and I had to rub it in.  

Nothing says the weekend like a great breakfast/brunch at a diner or favorite restaurant.  I better go looking for our next 5k.

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