Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Three for me

Some things stay the same, regardless of the season.  Here are three must haves that I always have with me. 

  • Sunglasses - I am never without a pair.  I am super sensitive to the sun and keep multiple pairs handy.   I am currently adoring by my Ray Bans .   They never hurt behind my ears like some of my pricier ones.  


  •  I carry at least one Envirosax in my purse (I have over a dozen) at all times.    I even change them with the seasons.   This one is for spring and summer.  They hold up to 44lbs, great for groceries or clothes/shoe shopping.   
Origami Bag 1

  • Lip balm with sunscreen.  I must admit that I am addicted to lip balm.   I keep it next to the bed, in a kitchen drawer, family room, desk, etc... you get the point.      I drive convertibles, so I make sure that it has SPF 15 or higher.  
Rite Aid
I am off to put on some lip balm and my shades.  It's time to drop the top!   Have a great day.

Photos thanks to: Ray Ban, Envirosax & Rite Aid.   

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  1. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! You have such a lovely site- it contains all of my favorites- food & fashion!
    I have also added your link to my blogroll.
    I always keep lip balm with me too- I cannot live without. Love the shades!