Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Size matters

My oldest sister is morbidly obese.  She was not always heavy, it was a gradual progression that never left.  Turns out her thyroid is dead and meds are not working.  I have watched peoples reaction to her for years. We look nothing alike - she has dark brown hair/green eyes/olive complected,  I am blonde/blue eyes/fair until I have a tan, four inches taller and wear a size small.   I wish I could capture and post some of the looks we have received when we say we are sisters.   I could see people judging her by her weight.   Well, that is about to change as she had Lap-band surgery this morning.   I am so excited for her and her new life ahead. She has been talking about wearing a bikini.  It may not happen this year, but I am hoping it is a reality for her in 2012.  She looks great in jewel  tones,  I think this would do!

Prelude Swimwear

Photo courtesy of Elite Fashion Swimwear  

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