Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wish List

I know that there is a group of believers out there that say if you write something down, it will come true.  I am going to follow that logic here on my blog.  I will start with a few today and add to the list.  Some of the items are frivolous and I readily admit to that.   Of course, like so many, I would love lower gas prices, no more wars and food & shelter for all.  

A pool with the perfect deck and landscaping.  My  house is 100+ years old and would look out of place with a trendy Mediterranean backyard.  I really would love a salt water pool and some type of covered structure or a cabana.  

Salt water pool by Pool Swimming

I have a thing for purses and my closet is showing it.   A classic Chanel bag like the one pictured below would be a lovely addition to the masses.

Chanel Large Shopping Bag
I just went on line to search and was shocked at how many sites selling fakes are out there.  If it is too good to be true, it is a fake!   I do admit that I get bored with bags quickly to the benefit of family and co-workers.  I think I am going to start selling the ones I no longer use on Ebay.   That can be my Chanel starter fund. 


A vacation in which I travel and get to learn more about food/cooking.  The hubs & I enjoy going to new places,  but I long to go back to Italy to cook.  He wants to do a biking/wine tour in Tuscany so I think this will happen since he is on board.

View in Venice from our vaporetto
 I am willing to do one even closer to home.  I adore Charleston and a food tour by Culinary Tours of Charleston  or one of the many other companies there would be fun.  

Charleston, SC

A butterfly garden that attracts butterflies!    I followed the Better Homes and Gardens plan to a T and the butterflies keep going back to a plant that has been in my yard since before we bought the house.  I know it will take a few years to fully mature.  I keep on adding to the basic plan and I pray that they will love their new garden.

From Better Homes and Garden

 That is the start to my list. I will keep you posted if any come true.

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