Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nude + Bright

I knew it was destiny after reading Cafe Fashionista's  must try mani/pedi combos guide that is was time to change my nail polish.  I tried going to the nail salon but they were packed and the wait was just too long for me (I still had to eat dinner).  I have a ton of polish and decided to create my own nude.  I mixed two Avon shades I had on hand,  Pink Power  and a color no longer available, but very similar to essie Brownie Points.  Pink power is the accent color on my index finger.

I painted the toes coral and called it a night.  I made sure to point out the savings to the hubs since it was a DIY mani/pedi.   He took me to lunch today, so I guess we are even.   Thanks, Erika for a inspiring me.

Pics via Avon,essie & me.

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