Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A monster in the making

Okay y'all, I love monograms.   I have it on my kindle, cell, cups, mugs, glasses, rings, bracelets, necklaces, bags, several purses... you get the hint.   This is an example of what I ordered last weekend from Lime Tree Gifts and I had it in less than a week!

I'm excited to say that by the end of the week I will be able to make my own vinyl monograms.   That's right, I'm getting a 
Cricut Expression Personal Electronic Cutter.  I told the hubs that I can use it for cards as well as monogramming gifts.   I'm super excited and it will cut down on my shopping on Etsy.   The only downside it that you have to purchase cartridges for fonts, shapes, themes.

I'm starting off with the Calligraphy Collection  and a selection of colored vinyl for me to practice.  I'm warning y' all now, you may see a lot of pics of things I have monogrammed.  

I think the hubs is buying me this because he is spending a ton on his cycling habit.  I went riding with him on Saturday and he went for a "real ride" when I went home after riding 12 miles.  Hmmm... 
I can monogram his new Trek Madone. 

Photos courtesy of  Limetreegifts (etsy) and Amazon.


  1. Wow that is big time!  I imagine that being pretty pricey!


  2. I've been very into monograms as well recently :)