Friday, March 16, 2012

Easter is around the corner

Easter is the holiday that is celebrated at my house.  Mom takes over the kitchen after church and I let her work her magic while I am in charge of apps and beverages.  I decided that Bellini's are the perfect drink and I prefer to use Prosecco over Champagne.   In keeping with a springtime theme, I ordered vinyl monograms for the wine glasses for all us girls on Etsy and this is how they turned out.  

I put some the of the dots on a few glasses for the nieces and nephews so they don't feel left out.  I bought the glasses from World Market   so in the event one is broken it will not be a big deal. 

We will hang out on the porch and enjoy the flowers of spring and having the family all together.

I know everyone else is posting all about St. Patricks's Day.  I hope you wear green tomorrow and the luck of the Irish is with you. 

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