Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fashion faux pas

Last night the hubs & I went to Chipotle for dinner (Taco Tuesday anyone?) and while we were standing in line I noticed a young lady with a tag on the sleeve of her coat that read Material from Italy.   I said bless her heart to the hubs, but did not have it in me to let her know that it is to be removed prior to wearing.   Just like the X stitched into the vent of a coat or skirt.   I have on numerous occasions been known to snip those off new co-workers that are fresh out of school.

Now off to Noodles & Company for lunch.  Wonder what I shall see while there.

Photo and helpful advice from the blog Sew a Beginner

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  1. This is one of my pet peeves and I too let my co-workers know about it. The worse of them all is the label tag on the coats/jackets. I mean, do folks leave it there on purpose so ppl can know the designer. I hope not b/c it looks silly and it's flat out wrong. Ugh!

    Can't you tell this bothers me. Hehe!

    Thanks for stopping past my blog. Love you shoe finds too!