Thursday, February 23, 2012

On a quest


The only make-up I wear on a regular basis is mascara.  I used to not wear any until the hubs (boyfriend at the time) pointed out that if I wore mascara people could see my eye lashes.  I'm a natural blonde and we are not known for having dark lashes.   Another problem I have is that many mascaras leave me with dark circles under my eyes, even though I only apply it to my top lashes.    I have been a quest the past few months for the perfect one for me buying both drug store and more expensive brands.  

I love the idea of tubes and purchased L'Oreal Double Extend ($10.99) and Blinc ($24).  Blinc is very wet when applied and does not allow you to build a thicker lash.  I read a blog that loved Rimmel Lash Extender ($7.49) and tried it.   I asked a make-up maven friend at work what she uses and she was kind enough to give me a brand new tube of Mally ($20) to try.  My quest is not over... still searching for the perfect mascara for me.

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