Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cold relief

The hubs never gets sick, well that changed this week when he got a cold  Of course he share it with me and was over it in 2 days, I'm on day 4.  I was feeling better yesterday afternoon and decided to go to Old Navy to use my Super C-A-S-H coupon.   

 I scored all of the above for $34 after using the coupon.
I love the front and back of this top.

Shopping & lunch left me feeling the need to be one with my couch.  The hubs got called into work, so it was just me and the pups.  Reading Glamour and giving myself a fun mani was my perfect night in.

Mia & mani. (Confetti: Moonstruck, Sally Hansen: Tyin' the Knot)

I'm still one with the couch today.  Mia is loving every minute of cuddle time.


  1.  Much better and back to work.  Congrats on your team winning!