Monday, February 27, 2012

Day off

Shells with pancetta & spinach
Saturday was the hubs night to eat as many carbs as he wanted.  He requested shells w/pancetta & spinach, apple fritters w/ice cream (both store bought).  I made a warm mushroom dip w/crackers for him to munch on while I was making dinner.   I made a pot of gravy (that's what we call sauce) meatballs & picked up two kinds of Italian sausage.  Since I was already in the kitchen I decided to make some Bourbon balls I saw in the December issue of Southern Living, but with a twist.

I used Praline Liqueur bought on our trip to NOLA.  I brought them to my sister's surprise party and they were a hit.  I wish I would have left a few a home for me to enjoy.  Sunday he was back to low carb.  I can't wait to hear what he wants to have this Saturday.  Hopefully something I love as well.

Shells picture courtesy of food network.

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  1. Yummy recipe..bookmarked