Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Three for me

A very quick way to get calories in if you are hypoglycemic like I am.  It drives the hubs crazy since it hits me  on our way out for a great meal or sometimes after eating.  I have to eat/drink something right then or I faint.  I have learned to keep honeystix in the cars. 

honeystix from Honeyville

So, I decided to get a medic alert bracelet after fainting alone in a public place.  I never wore one for a horrible reason, because they were ugly.  I saw a cute one on a co-worker from Lauren's Hope and I ordered mine that day.  After that I started making my own.   Here is a sample of the many I have made.

I received this two years ago as a Christmas present from a friend that only gives things she loves (just like Oprah).  I added my monogram in purple (bought off of etsy) and I take it everywhere.  It keeps hot drinks hot and cold ones very cold.  I love it and use it almost daily.  This time of year it holds a lot of pumpkin spice coffee.
Contigo travel mug

Taking an everyday item and adding a personal touch to it makes it special.  I have a thing for monogramming: travel mugs, laptop, kindle, jewelry and even wine glasses.  I hope y'all make things special too.

photos courtesy of Honeyville and Target


  1. Dear Gigi, Please take good care of yourself. 
    I have an old Dunkin Donuts coffee mug that I use all the time. I really should treat myself to a new one, but I just can't because I am sentimental. Blessings, Catherine xo

  2. Those Honeysticks sound incredible!  :)