Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Mourning

Monday Mourning

Yes, I'm sad that the weekend is over.   I like to wear cardi's instead of jackets, makes it less business and more me.  I think I need to donate some of my suits,  I'm not giving them the love they deserve.    I'm thrilled that it is a 4 day work week.   Already thinking about what I will cook for our company this weekend.

Tiered top, $43
Old navy cardigan, $25
GAP bodycon skirt, $50
Cole Haan leather high heels, $250
Kate spade tote, $425
Cartier watch, $4,650
Tag sterling silver jewelry, $350
Beaded jewelry, $150
Sophia Chloe yellow gold bangle, $145
Ettika tahitian pearl jewelry, $80


  1. Dear Gigi, It is so nice that you plan your outfits so well. I just think it is great to be so fashionable. I am glad for you that it is a 4 day work week. I hope that you enjoy the day off. I hope that your plans for cooking for your company will be fun. Blessings, Catherine  

  2. Thank you Catherine.   I love when we have people over and I can cook for more than just the two of us.    I need to make some of your recipes.