Friday, October 28, 2011

Mixed metals and me

                                                A few of my favorite bracelets*

                                    A white & yellow gold ring I bought in Florence.  The Ponte
                                          Vecchio is lined with amazing jewelry stores.


                          An overflow for my bracelets.  Never knew how many I had until the hubs asked about the one I bought on our honeymoon.  So I looked online & thought this was cute way to display them as well as remind me as to what they look like. 

I prefer to buy jewelry & art when I travel.  The bracelets I have are from all over.  Looking forward to adding more to my collection. 

*   Bracelets as they appear:   Gold Bangle - gift from Mom; Tiffany 1837 bead bracelet , Return to Tiffany bracelet  & Diamond Tennis bracelet (he got a motorcycle - now sold) all gifts from the hubs; Gold dolphin bracelet from when I lived at the beach similar , and last a very special one.  Expect Miracles - fundraiser for a friend currently fighting breast cancer.


  1. I agree, I love buying unique jewelry while on vacation. :)

  2. Next vacay is NOLA.   That trip will be about the food!   :)