Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I miss

Shopping!   I have been adhering to no purchases during the Kendi Remix.  Let me tell you, I am so ready for July 14th.  I have let my eyes wander online and some tempting finds out there have been calling me.   I should just step away from the computer, unless it is looking up a recipe.   Food shopping is allowed and is always encouraged.    I did a little shopping in my garden the other day and this is what I carried into the kitchen.  I used a beautiful scarf from Japan since that was the only thing on me and I was not about to hike up my sundress.  

That is just a small sample of the basil.  The hubs loaded himself up with it and I ended up making two batches of Pesto

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  1. look at you being so domestic and agriculturally responsible! i'm impressed. i LOVE fresh veggies from the garden. yum.
    i'm not even close to being on-track to finishing on july 14th. lucky you.
    -brittney (fellow 30x30 remixer; come on by if you'd like!)