Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Garden pasta

Before the hubs left for his guys weekend (deep sea fishing) he picked some green beans & tomatoes from our garden.   There were only a handful of green beans so I decided to toss them in my pasta.  I sauteed the veggies then simmered some shaved garlic, added thin spaghetti and topped with grated parm & crushed red peppers.  It was light, delicious and perfect for summer.


  1. first of all, that's AWESOME that your husband got to go deep sea fishing! I bet mine would love a guys weekend :)
    And that is so cool that you grow your own tomatoes and green beans! That pasta looks so so delicious and definitely seems perfect for summer :)

    Notes She Wrote

  2. I wish they would have allowed wives to go along & soak up the sun. He brought home some mahi mahi and is talking about going again in the fall for tuna. I better look up some mahi recipes.