Sunday, June 12, 2011

Post race pit

This weekend I was in Raleigh for Race for the Cure.   This was the 5th year my sister and I participated.  It is such a moving event and I love the community support.  People along the route have misting stations, play music and cheer you on.   Since we were here the hubs decided we needed to have lunch at The Pit.  My sister and her husband have never been and were game.   You may have seen it feature on a few food shows or read about it in Southern Living and Bon Appetite.   If you're in the Raleigh area you may want to check it out.  It is a higher end BBQ joint that does not disappoint.    The sweet potato fries are amazing and taste like there is a dusting of brown sugar on them.  I should have snapped a pic of the onion rings but I dug in once they were placed on table.  After lunch we went to the Farmers Market, another must if you are in the neighborhood.
Carlina spare ribs, fries & fried okra

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