Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dreaming of...

Last night as I was finally dozing off, guess what I was thinking about?   If you thought food you'd be correct.   It was peach cobbler that was on my mind.  I made a blueberry & peach crisp/pie last week that was delicious, so it must have made an impression that would not leave.   I modified a recipe I found on-line to suit my needs and the ingredients I had on hand.  My Mom makes an amazing peach pandowdy and I need to get that recipe from her.    In fact, I am going to ask her send me any and all family recipes so I can create a cookbook for my siblings.  In my family, food means love.

Make sure to visit your local farmers market to supplement what you do not grow in your own garden.  Here are pictures from one of my favorites.  I go there whenever I visit.

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