Monday, December 3, 2012

National Apple Pie Day

Today is National Apple Pie Day and if the hubs was not eating low carb I'd be baking a pie instead of blogging about one.  Here are a few inspirational pictures that are making my mouth water.
Deep dish by Ina Garten
Ultimate Caramel by Tyler Florence
Double Apple via Southern Living

Apple Upside-Down via Southern Living
I did add paper thin slices of apple to my pancakes.  I wonder if that counts?  I hope y'all have some apple pie today.  That should help keep the doctor away in my book.  I'm planning on making the upside one with pecans from my back yard as soon as he adds carbs back into his diet.

photos courtesy of Food Network & Southern Living


  1. Mmm...these all look so scrummy!!  :)

  2. My BF is an applie pie connoisseur - I can't believe we missed this day. He lives the pies from Fresh Market, I may need to get him one as a belated "present", hehe.

  3. It is such a popular day and is celebrated twice. Wow, you're a great friend to buy a pie.  I'm going to try the upside-down one for my work party.