Sunday, July 1, 2012

Nod to the 4th

After reading the blueberry and cream cheese muffin recipe in Glamour, I decided I had to make them.  I used red paper liners to make them red, white (cream cheese) and blue for the 4th.  I've found that recipes from England are not as sweet as what Americans are used to, so add more sugar if you want. 
I also felt it was time to make fish tacos.  The hubs caught some mahi mahi that we had in the freezer and it was perfect for Tequila lime fish tacos.  I wanted to grill the fish but it was 106 and that is too hot for me to stand outside in front of an even hotter grill.  I used a griddle and did the fish on one side and heated the corn tortillas on the other.  The hubs loved it.  I will definitely make them at home again and again.
Today we are making the ribs featured in July's bon appetite.  I like how you make your own rub, but finish it with your favorite store bought bbq sauce.  Fingers crossed they taste as good as they look in the mag.   It is another scorcher today and hubs will be grill master. 

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