Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hydrangea on the brain

hope you enjoyed the 4th

I decided to get a mani Friday afternoon while I was waiting for the hubs to get off work.  I opted to get gel since it is to last 2 to 3 weeks instead of the 3 to 4 days a normal one lasts for me.  I had no idea that there was some hidden inspiration for the color I selected. 

Yup, it was like having hydrangea's on my finger tips. I was hopeful that this product was going to last as long as the nail tech promised.   Well, by day 4 there was some lifting and I noticed chips on day 5.  It is not worth the extra expense and exposure to UV rays.  I'm hoping that I get a full week out of it.

On a brighter note I scored an adorable Eliza J dress for $20.99!  Gotta love a sale.

Update: mani did not last a week.  Nail polish peeled off so I did not have to soak off at the salon.

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