Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rule of thumb

What is y'all rule of thumb for getting rid of clothes?  I recently went through my closet and I had things I have not put on my body in YEARS.   I was happy to note that everything still fits, just the styles have changed.  I have two bags full of stuff to donate and I'm not done yet.   The best part of cleaning out my closet is making room for new items. Higher end pieces may go to a consignment shop.  

A few things that have caught my eye.

pics via pretty people, velvet and zara


  1. Dear Gi-gi, my mother always taught me to give something away whenever you buy something new for yourself.   I think the dress in the first picture is very beautiful.  Blessings my dear, Catherine xo

  2.  I love how your mother taught you. I think that is

  3. For me, if I haven't worn something for 2 years, then I'll get rid of it. Cute items that caught your eye!

    xoxo,Suzie Qwww.StyleCueBySuzieQ.com