Sunday, May 20, 2012

search for the perfect short

the perfect short

I work in a very conservative industry and run into people I know through work on occasion. I am mindful of the length of my shorts as well as skirts when I am out and about.  The picks above would be perfect and since I started a base tan on my cruise.  Hmmm... I better get shopping.


  1. Dear Gigi, Yes, the weather for shorts has arrived.  It really is beautiful weather. Have a great day. blessings, Catherine 

  2. Ooh, I LOVE the coral-colored shorts - so fun for summer!  :)

  3. The lace shorts and striped shorts - winners!

  4. ahh, the perfect shorts...isn't it a constant battle?! those gold ones are pretty fabulous, i must say.

    - Marie
    So What If I Like Pretty Things